5 Reasons Not to Skip a Back-to-School Eye Exam

5 Reasons Not to Skip a Back-to-School Eye Exam

5 Reasons Not to Skip a Back-to-School Eye Exam

5 Reasons Not to Skip a Back-to-School Eye Exam

Back-to-school eye exams are a necessity for your children. Therefore, you should not forget to take them for this crucial checkup. Vision is the most vital learning tool, making back-to-school eye exams necessary to set children up for success.

Here are five reasons you should not skip your child’s back-to-school eye exam.

Detection of Serious Eye Issues


Although schools may provide vision screenings, these tests do not detect serious eye diseases and conditions. They will only check for their ability to see objects at a distance. They will not get to the root of why your child cannot see these objects. Hence, you need a comprehensive eye exam to investigate this. 

You may detect serious issues early when you take your child for a comprehensive exam before they return to school. It will help you begin treatment before it is too late.

Detection of Health Issues


Health issues like diabetes, brain tumors, or high cholesterol can show early in the eyes. So, as you take your child for an eye exam, it may help you to mitigate serious health issues.

During the exam, the doctor checks other aspects of the eye and vision. These include the blood vessels, optic nerve, and the macula using specific tools and devices. As they do this, they can detect problems in the blood vessels and nerves that may extend to the rest of the body.

Improving Performance in School


Once you establish whether your child has an issue with their vision or health, they start receiving treatment where necessary. Where there are problems involving their vision, the eye doctor can correct them and allow the child to see clearly. It helps them learn and understand much better, improving their performance in school.

Avoiding Accidents


When children have problems with their vision, it presents in various ways. Some may bump into things and turn their heads frequently, causing neckaches. Others may get hit during sports or fall when running.

However, they can avoid accidents when the doctor detects the problem during their back-to-school eye exam. It will help them get back on the field for their physical exercises, start socializing, and avoid accidents.

Improves Their Physical Health


Children with vision problems avoid sports, complain of exhaustion, and have constant headaches. Something as simple as taking them for their back-to-school eye exam can deal with all these problems. You find out what the problem is and correct it. It improves their physical health and quality of life.

For more information on why not to skip a back-to-school eye exam, visit Vision Quest Optical at our Bay City or Midland, Michigan office. Call (989) 778-1414 or (989) 835-2020 to schedule an appointment today.

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