How to Choose a Contact Lens Solution

How to Choose a Contact Lens Solution

How to Choose a Contact Lens Solution

How to Choose a Contact Lens Solution

Contact lens wearers know the responsibility it takes to keep the lenses clean. Contact solutions help you take care of your lenses. There are different brands and types of solutions you can pick. Read on to learn more about choosing contact solutions ideal for your eyes and contact lenses.


Determine the Type of Contacts You Wear


Before you get a contact solution, you must know the type of contacts available. The common types are soft lenses, gas permeable, and hybrid lenses. Your doctor can advise you about the ideal contacts for your vision problem. The diverse types of lenses need different contact solutions.


Know the Different Types of Contact Solutions


Contact lens solutions come in different varieties that can overwhelm you if you are unsure what to choose. Most people often resort to the cheapest product or a familiar brand name. However, that may not be the ideal way to pick your contact solutions. Instead, learn about the different types of solutions before making your purchase:


  • Saline solutions - This solution can only rinse your contacts after you have cleaned and disinfected them.

  • Hydrogen peroxide-based contact solution - It helps clean and disinfect your contacts. It is ideal for individuals with sensitive eyes because it does not have preservatives.

  • Daily cleaning solution - This product works with others for disinfecting and rinsing. Avoid getting the cleaning solution in contact with your eyes. You will need a saline solution or different storage or rinse solution to rinse off and store your contacts. Most people prefer this solution as daily cleaning solutions require multiple other solutions.

  • Enzymatic protein remover - Organic matter can collect on your contacts when you have them on. Enzymatic protein removers are ideal for cleaning such buildup. You can use the solution less or more frequently. Unlike other products, this solution can come as a tablet. Check with your eye specialist before purchasing it.

  • Multipurpose solution - It cleans, disinfects, rinses, and stores the contact lenses. Although it can take care of different things, it is ideal that you read the instructions to know how to use it and learn what it does. In doing so, you will know how best to take care of your contacts and keep your eyes healthy.




Once you understand the different contact solutions and contact lenses, you can make an educated decision. Inform your doctor if the contact solution they recommend works well for you or not. They can give you an alternative that may be the best for you. After doing your research, ensure you double-check with your eye specialist. They know best and can help whenever you want to switch.


Assess Your Experience


You may try different contact solutions before arriving at your ideal one. You can experience irritations with some while others can work just okay. It is essential to compare the ingredients to know what the solutions that irritate have that the others do not.


Consult your specialist once you settle for a solution so they can guide you on how to use it. You can talk to your pharmacist, optician, or optometrist.


Follow the Instructions


It is essential to follow the directions given to get the best experience. Failure to follow the appropriate regimen can make your lenses and eyes suffer. Adhere to expiration dates and use the contact lens solution as required. Doing so can help you avoid discomfort when you wear your contact lenses.


For more about contact lens solutions, visit Vision Quest Optical at our office in Bay City (989) 778-1414 or Midland (989) 835-2020, Michigan. 

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