The Dangers of Skipping Yearly Eye Exams

The Dangers of Skipping Yearly Eye Exams

The Dangers of Skipping Yearly Eye Exams

The Dangers of Skipping Yearly Eye Exams

When scheduling annual medical visits for you or your family, do not overlook eye exams. Contrary to some opinions, eye exams are not just for people who require vision correction.


Even if you have 20/20 vision, you should schedule regular visits to the eye doctor. Studies show that less than 50 percent of adults over 40 visit their doctor for annual eye exams. These are individuals who are at high risk of developing eye diseases. 


Protecting Long-term Vision 


Developing eye diseases can increase the risk of suffering vision loss. Eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and macular edema can lead to vision loss. If detected early, treatment can help protect the vision. Most eye diseases do not have early symptoms and can only be detected during eye exams.


Almost 65 percent of Americans experience blurry or double vision, reduced night vision, and flashes. Of these, less than 15 percent had gone for an eye exam before developing the symptoms. 


Benefits of Annual Exams 


Annual exams are beneficial for overall wellness. Benefits of the exams include:


  • Detecting severe health issues

  • Detecting eye diseases early

  • Improving school and work performance

  • Preventing accidents and injuries associated with poor vision

  • Helps improve vision and improve quality of life


Dangers of Skipping Yearly Exams


People skip annual eye exams for various reasons, from fear to financial issues and lack of concern. A comprehensive eye exam is vital for the early detection of vision and eye problems. Eye conditions can go undetected for years as symptoms may not appear until the advanced stages.


In most cases, irreparable vision damage has occurred by the time symptoms appear. Sometimes, it can lead to blindness. Annual eye exams are vital for monitoring changes in vision. The changes can indicate anything, from a refractive error to a severe eye disease. 


Annual Eye Exams for Children


Eye exams should begin in childhood and continue throughout an individual’s life. When conducted in childhood, they can help detect issues that contribute to learning and behavioral problems. The earlier vision issues are identified, the sooner they can be treated. A common vision problem such as myopia can be corrected using lenses and other treatment options. Myopia management can help slow the progression of the condition. 


Revealing Overall Health 


The eyes serve as windows into overall health. An eye exam can reveal more than an eye condition; it can help detect signs of health diseases. Examining the blood vessels can detect high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.


Symptoms such as blurred vision, irritated retina, and bulging eyes can indicate issues ranging from thyroid disease to autoimmune problems. Early detection and treatment are vital for preventing long-term health problems. 


Doctors conduct several tests during a comprehensive eye exam to determine eye health. The tests examine vision and eye health. Many insurance companies do not cover eye exams. However, it is cheaper to pay for yearly exams than to treat eye diseases down the road. Preventative care helps save time, money, and stress in the future. 


For more information on yearly eye exams, call Vision Quest Optical in Michigan at our office in Bay City (989) 778-1414 or Midland (989) 835-2020.

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