Wearing Contact Lenses for the First Time: Tips and Tricks

Wearing Contact Lenses for the First Time: Tips and Tricks

Wearing Contact Lenses for the First Time: Tips and Tricks

Wearing Contact Lenses for the First Time: Tips and Tricks

You now have your first pair of contact lenses. You probably feel free and more confident. You do not have to worry about them breaking. However, the feeling of freedom comes with anxieties for first-timers. You have a thousand random questions swimming in your head right now. Here are some tips and tricks to help answer those questions and allay your fears.




The contact lens will not hurt you or stick to your eye and disappear. These are common fears. You can take care of them by relaxing when putting on your lenses and taking them off.


If you worry about damaging your lenses, you also need to relax. Replacing them and ordering new ones is easy. Remember to leave your contacts in the solution overnight. It cleans and hydrates them so that they are more comfortable to wear.


Learn How to Put Them In


After relaxing, learn how to put them on your eyes. It may seem awkward at first. However, you will adapt to it. It becomes like second nature. Remember to wash your hands before placing the contact on your fingertip. Ensure it looks like a little cup before putting it into your eye for a proper fit. 


Use your free hand to pull the lower lid down and keep the upper one in place. It prevents you from blinking. Look upward as you move the lens toward the eye. Release and close your eye once the lens is on it. Repeat with your other eye.


Removing Your Contact Lenses


Start again by washing your hands and drying them before the procedure. Use the middle finger of your dominant hand to hold your lower eyelid open. When you do this, you can pinch the lens and take it out. You can also slide it to the outer corner of your eye and pinch it out.


Clean Them


Your lenses need cleaning every night after having them in your eyes the whole day. It gets rid of bacteria and other contaminants. There are two ways you can do this. They include the use of contact solution or saline solution. 


Contact solution disinfects and hydrates your contact lenses. You can also store the lenses in it when you are not wearing them. Saline solution rinses off the buildup from the day. However, it will not disinfect your lenses, and you cannot store them in saline solution.


Hydrate Them


Moist contact lenses are more comfortable to wear. Otherwise, they can irritate your eyes, causing you to scratch and even lose your lenses. Sometimes, you can dry out your contact lenses when reading or watching TV. Keep some solution handy and if possible, have eye drops to help you rehydrate your lenses.


Follow Your Replacement Schedules


Ensure you follow your prescription and do not wear your lenses longer than you should. Replace them according to the proper schedule. They can damage your eyes when you wear them longer or replace them after their due time.


For more information on wearing contact lenses, call Vision Quest Optical in Michigan at our Bay City (989) 778-1414 or Midland (989) 835-2020, office.

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