What to Expect During a Contact Lens Fitting

What to Expect During a Contact Lens Fitting

What to Expect During a Contact Lens Fitting

What to Expect During a Contact Lens Fitting

If you are planning to get contact lenses, you should schedule a comprehensive eye exam. It will allow the optometrist to determine your prescription and establish whether your eyes are healthy enough for contact lenses. 

After establishing your suitability, you will need a contact lens fitting. Information from the fitting entails measurements necessary for prescribing the right contacts. 


During Contact Lens Exam 


The exam includes tests to determine your suitability for contact lenses. It involves taking measurements to help in obtaining lenses that fit correctly. The doctor will inquire about your contact lens preferences and lifestyle during the exam. 


Some lens options include soft lenses, rigid gas-permeable lenses, hybrid lenses, and scleral lenses. You can choose between daily disposables, monthlies, or extended-wear contacts. 


Why You Need Contact Lens Fitting 


Contact lenses fit each individual’s eye size and curvature. It helps ensure that the lenses fit comfortably on the cornea. You may experience discomfort or blurry vision if contacts fail to fit correctly. 


Poorly-fitted lenses can cause corneal infection or abrasion. It is vital to get the accurate corneal size, shape, curvature measurements, and optical prescription. Testing the quality of tears will help ensure comfort when wearing contacts.


Tests Conducted During Lens Fitting



Several tests determine the contact lens fit. They include:


  • Cornea curvature and size. The test may be performed using a keratometer or a corneal topographer. It helps measure the size and base curve for the lenses. 

  • Measuring pupil and iris size. It helps determine the most appropriate contact lenses and is especially vital if you choose rigid gas-permeable lenses. 

  • Tear film evaluation. It helps determine if you have dry eyes, which can affect your ability to wear contacts successfully. 


Trial Contact Lens Fitting


After taking the necessary measurements, you will receive trial lenses to help assess fit and comfort. You will wear the trial lenses for several minutes, allowing them to interact with your corneal shape and tears. 


The doctor will examine your visual acuity and the lens’s appearance and comfort. You may need to try several lenses to find the most appropriate ones. If you require specialty lenses, this process may take much longer. 


Contact Lens Use and Care 


After the fitting, you will receive information on contact lens use and care. The information includes proper handling to ensure the lenses remain safe for use. You will receive clear instructions on correctly inserting and removing the lenses and how to keep them clean. You will receive the trial contact lenses to use for one week. Doctors recommend a follow-up visit after one week for evaluation and to check how the eyes adjust to the lenses. 


After fitting, you will receive a prescription to order contact lenses. The prescription includes information such as the lens material or brand name, lens power, diameter measurements, and base curve. You can order contact lenses directly from the manufacturer. Ensure you schedule follow-up visits to maintain your eye health. 


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